Digital Media Apprenticeship

We can offer an innovative digital media apprenticeship programme for you people aged 16 -18. Candidates will go through a Level 2 pre-apprenticeship programme with us first before progressing onto a level 3 advanced level programme with an employer. The pre-apprenticeship consists of a 12 week programme and covers modules vital to the IT industry, the level 3 qualifications is expected to last around 12 – 18 months and the apprentice will be based with an employer for this period.

This qualification is perfect for those wanting to pursue a career in the digital media sector but who do not want to go to university. Typically the route in has been via the degree route, now here at Aim High we are offering a work based learning route into the sector.

We are able to provide potential employers with high standard of candidates, already prepared with a sector specific level 2 qualification. Modules that candidates can cover on the pre-apprenticeship are (to name but a few):

  • Pre- production Skills
  • Digital Media Skills for Asset Production
  • Storytelling With a Comic Strip
  • Interactive Multimedia Concepts
  • Digital Graphics Editing
  • Digital Photography
  • Creating a Digital Animation

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