Tackling youth employment with Advanced Apprenticeships

Here in the Aim High office we have our very own level 3 digital media apprentice. Holly told me of a news article she had read about advanced level apprenticeships and talked of her belief in the programme that she is engaging on. Please see below Holly’s response to the article published on BBC News. To read the article please click here.

In a bid to tackle youth unemployment, David Cameron has opted for higher quality apprenticeships to be introduced in the UK. As a 17 year old on a digital media apprenticeship programme this is my take on this story.

BBC News article

As posted on BBC News these advanced apprenticeships would mean tougher assessments, higher grade requirements and would have to last at least one year. For an apprentice this would mean more time focusing on the qualification work as well as the actual practical experience that they are receiving in their placement. Raising the quality of the apprenticeship schemes will also make it easier for employers so they can provide the best guidance possible. This benefits both the employer and the employee.

As a young person in an apprenticeship I believe that tougher assessments would encourage an apprentice to do the mandatory work to the best of their ability and actually learn a great deal in the process. Higher quality apprenticeships would also guarantee a gratifying experience for the apprentice and give them a considerable sense of accomplishment.

Recent statistics show that over 900,000 young people aged 18-24 are currently facing long term unemployment, with a total of over 100,000 being unemployed for over two years. In my opinion, introducing higher quality apprenticeships would give companies the opportunity to provide the best practical training experience to give an apprentice a bright future.

If more companies decided to opt into advanced apprenticeships they would really have the potential to stimulate the economy and create jobs for young people aged 16-24. Contrary to popular belief companies will pay their apprentices a steady training wage and the apprentice will also receive a beneficial Qualification. The qualification is equivalent to one that could be received at college. These apprenticeship programmes aim to develop a pro-active generation to meet industry needs.


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