Aiming high for the Digital age

Here at Aim High Training we are very pleased to announce that we can now deliver higher level/advanced apprenticeships in Digital Media and IT. This is really exciting for us, as we know the impact apprenticeships of such job titles can have onto a business.

The digital landscape is developing so fast that industries such as this need young people within them in order to move forward and grow. In more recent years the typical route into jobs in the Digital Media or IT sector has been the degree route, but now there is another option.

With the British economy in the state that is currently is and youth unemployment at it’s highest levels in decades, apprenticeships in industries such as this are highly important to the growth and prosperity of businesses.

The benefit of an apprenticeship for an employer in IT or digital Media is that as an apprentice their training can be tailored specifically to each business, and meet their needs for an employee. From the apprentices perspective they are earning whilst learning.

There are fully funded apprenticeships available in both the IT and Digital Media, with the best funding packages available for people aged 16 – 18. There are also grants of up to £1,500 that are available to employers that take on an apprentice (subject to eligibility).

Apprenticeship programmes have the potential to let a business flourish. It allows companies to hire staff and train them to their specific needs. For this reason staff retention rates from apprenticeship porgrammes are very high. Staff are trained for what the employer needs but also apprentices are trained to do their job efficiently and are known to get great job satisfaction. Apprentices can carve out a career  from their programme, and have natural progression routes as their job is rooted in the structure of the business they are involved in.

Apprenticeships are a great option for young people and employers alike. Should you like any further information on the IT or Digital Media apprenticeship programmes please do not hesitate to contact us.:


Twitter: @AimHighTSNE



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